I want to photograph You

sandra 2.jpg
These portraits one day will be heirlooms for your children and your grandchildren. Your significant other will fawn over them, but more importantly you are in them…because you are BEAUTIFUL!

We all carry a camera in our handbags taking selfies and snapshots of ourselves and our friends and sharing them online. But many of these pictures are blurry, badly composed or just don’t show our most flattering selves. What I want to create for you is an experience where you get to feel like a movie star for a day, where you get to play dress up and get pampered with a hair and makeup makeover. But the best part is that I will capture your beauty, I want to create a portrait that makes your heart swell because you understand that life is precious and every moment counts. My wish is that you display your portrait for years to come as a remainder of your ever-evolving beauty. 

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